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Republican Sally Siegrist Wins Vacated District 26 Seat

Republican Sally Siegrist eked out a narrow win over Democrat Vicky Woeste in the race to represent West Lafayette in the state legislature.

Siegrist, a Tippecanoe County Councilor, will fill the seat vacated by departing four-term Republican Randy Truitt.

On Tuesday night, Siegrist’s jubilation was somewhat tempered when her County Council resignation was proffered for her to sign after her victory was announced.

“It is a little melancholy, to be leaving the council,” said Siegrist.

Still, Siegrist was pleased—not only about the future but about the past six months.

Going into the general election, Siegrist and Woeste signed a joint pledge to run a “positive campaign.” Siegrist says she’s happy to see an election can be won focusing solely on policy issues.

“There was not a negative accusation or negative letter or negative statement issued by our campaign,” said Siegrist. “I am so grateful we were able to do that. “

While Siegrist and Woeste broadly agreed on certain issues—for example, they were both critical of the state’s so-called religious freedom bill and supported expanded access to mental healthcare, they differed when it came to issues such as use of the state surplus for road maintenance. 

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