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Purdue Students Rally Against Trump's 'Hate Speech'

About 200 students marched through the Purdue University campus Wednesday to rally against president-elect Donald Trump. The protest was non-violent.

The rally’s student organizers aimed to show solidarity with minority groups who feel discriminated against by Donald Trump.

They cite his comments about minorities and women, calling his campaign “hate speech” and holding signs that read: “Dump Trump,” “Not My President” and “Love Trumps Hate.”

Freshman engineering student Papaa Kodzi immigrated to the United States from Ghana when he was a child and recently became a U.S. citizen. He says the so-called “American dream” is at risk.

“This is a land where everybody is free. This is a land where everybody feels like their opinions can be heard, feels that they can move up to wherever they want to with hard work and dedication,” Kodzi says. “And with this administration, I don’t know if that’s possible.”

A small group of Trump supporters were gathered across from the rally holding the president-elect’s campaign flags. Purdue student Charlie Sloan says he wanted to show support for the president-elect.

“Protests that go on in the world that are effective have to deal with human rights violations. This is not a human rights violation,” Sloan says. “Donald Trump won the election fair and square. This is how democracy works – he won more Electoral votes than Hillary Clinton.”

He says Trump supporters aren’t trying to take anyone’s rights away and have a lot of the same values as the protestors.

After his speech, Kodzi and a few other protestors shook hands with the Trump supporters in attendance. 

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