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Clay Bowl Giving Project April 19

Local potters and restaurants are donating their services for an annual event in the Lafayette area.

The YWCA’s Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program is hosting its 11th annual Clay Bowl Giving Project. Potters donate clay bowls for the event, which go along with each lunch or dinner purchase.

Program Director Jasmine Dowd says the shelter can hold up to 26 people and offers them free care, so running the program can be expensive. She says they served 349 women and 241 children in 2011, which is an increase from previous years. Dowd does not believes this means there has been an increase in domestic violence, but rather more awareness of services offered. 

Puccini’s, The Trails, Great Harvest Bread Company and Subway are donating food for the meals. Organizers hope to raise $25,000 for domestic violence programs.

More information about the April 19th event is HERE.