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Contract negotiations between Purdue and Daniels ongoing

The Purdue Board of Trustees and President-elect Mitch Daniels continue to work on terms for his contract.

The two sides met recently to discuss terms. Daniels is set to take over in January as the university’s next leader after his term as governor ends.

He says he’s working specifically with one of the trustees and expects an agreement soon.

"I want it to set an example for being tied to the success of the school and particularly the success of the students. I want it to set a good example in terms of economy. We want Purdue to be the best value in higher education. That means, on one hand, that making certain that we keep it affordable."

He says the idea is to establish a principle.

"That starting with the president, but frankly, I would hope  everybody at a school like Purdue would embrace the idea that making this place better is everybody's job, keeping this place affordable for students is everybody's job. But the first step is modeling that behavior myself."

Daniels didn’t know the timeline for finalizing a contract, but says it should be done before he starts in January. He says other top administrators could have their pay tied to performance as well, but the first test will be with him.

The inspector general for the state also issued another opinion which finds no ethics violation by the governor or board of trustees over his appointment as Purdue president. Several groups and individuals argue the governor should not have been hired by the board members, whom he appointed or reappointed.

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