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Technology aids Purdue crime investigation

Purdue police are crediting technology installed in 2006 with helping solve a recent case.

Five teenagers from Lafayette, who are not students at the university, were arrested for battery and robberies that occurred on campus late last month.

Chief John Cox says some of the 188 digital cameras set up around Purdue were used to capture the suspects.

“The cameras are good.  They are high quality cameras.  They are HD style cameras and they gave us video to be able to get started with and be able to make some identifications eventually with additional information," he said.  "We've learn that they are effective.”

Cox says the university is considering adding more cameras around campus in areas that have been identified as vulnerable.

Two more teens are being questioned in the case.

Police Captain Steve Dietrich says while campus is mostly safe, those walking around it need to take precaution.

"These (crimes) happened because (the victims) were perceived as easy targets," he said.  "There is strength in numbers, lighted corridors, know your surroundings, be award of what is going on around you.  (Students) need to have that kind of awareness."

Lafayette police also made arrests, Thursday.

Three people were taken into custody for their involvement in a series of bank robberies in Lafayette and Frankfort.

The crimes occurred at the Huntington Bank October 18th in Lafayette and October 26th at the Regions bank in Frankfort.