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SIA makes South Tipp Park its community project

Mike Loizzo
WBAA Radio

A community fundraising initiative will benefit one of Lafayette’s neighborhood parks.

Each year, Subaru of Indiana Automotive chooses a community project and helps with fundraising. The effort this year will cover half the cost of reworking South Tipp Park at Third and Fountain streets.

Ellsworth-Romig Neighborhood Association President Gail Brock says it will take a lot of people to hit the $100,000 goal.

“It’s very durable equipment. I believe in the equipment and the grounds and how it will be done, so it will be long-term, well-maintained, good playground. In that respect, it’s a high dollar (amount). But it only happens once every 20 or 30 years here.”

The Lafayette Parks Department already raised about $100,000 or half the amount needed for the total project. Parks Superintendent Ted Bumbleburg says the last new addition to the site was more than 15 years ago.

“We’re able to do a lot of different things besides swing sets and teeter-totters, just kind of the old-style slides. There are a lot of new, fun type interactive pieces, accessible pieces that allow individuals of all abilities to play together.”

The new Subaru South Tipp Park will have an updated playground and more green space with a half-court basketball area and shelter.

The SIA “Wild, Wild West” charity event will be October 19th at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. Executive Vice President Tom Easterday says it will take the whole community to make the event successful.

“We are really the conduit for the fundraising, but it really is a community project,” he says. “We go out and get sponsorships from the local businesses and companies, and donations.”

Bumblerburg says some work will begin later this fall, but most of it is planned for next year.