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"Snow Emergency" declared for Lafayette

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski has declared a Snow Emergency until further notice. The action, which took effect Sunday at 12 a.m., allows 12 hours for parked vehicles to be removed from marked snow emergency routes.

Police may tow vehicles from marked snow emergency routes beginning at noon Sunday. The policy is meant to aid in effective snow removal on key roadways in the city.

This declaration does not restrict travel in any way. Below is the city's Snow Emergency ordinance:

Lafayette City Ordinance 7.06.300 Parking after snow Whenever, as determined by the Mayor, or designee, or the City Street Commissioner, a snow emergency exists, it is unlawful to park vehicles on emergency snow routes. Snow emergency routes shall be appropriately signed as determined by the Parking Commission. Any vehicle parked or stopped on such streets at the time a snow emergency is declared shall have twelve (12) hours to vacate the above stated emergency snow routes to allow for proper snow plowing. Any vehicle remaining on emergency snow routes after twelve (12) hours shall be determined to be blocking efficient snow removal and may be removed at the owners' expense by any member of the Police Department and taken to the nearest garage or other place of safety for storage until claimed by the owner of such vehicle. This section on parking after snow shall remain in effect from the time a snow emergency is declared until such time as the emergency is declared passed by the Mayor, or designee, or the City Street Commissioner.

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