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AAA Predicts Busy Holiday Travel

Seth Neilson

Triple-A says Labor Day travel will be the strongest since 2008.

Hoosier Motor Club spokesperson Greg Seiter says they‘re projecting 34.7 million Americans will travel 50 or more miles from home during the upcoming holiday weekend.

That‘s up 1.3% over this time last year.

Seiter says it may be a sign that people are feeling better about the economy.

He adds this comes despite the fact that gas prices are currently rising in Indiana.

Seiter says that‘s due in part the holiday itself and a BP refinery explosion in Whiting.

"It's difficult for any of us to predict what gas prices are going to do right now," says Seiter. "As of this point, we're looking at gas prices at both the state and national level that are approximately ten cents less, give or take, than what they were one year ago."

On the air travel front, Seiter says airfares and hotel cost are slightly higher than last year, but it‘s not stopping folks from flying.

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