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BMV Streamlining Will Take At Least Two Years

House Roads and Transportation Chairman Ed Soliday will advance a bill this week to start the massive task of streamlining fees charged by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The overhaul was prompted by a series of overcharges by the department that have come to light over the last year-and-a-half.

Soliday says his bill will focus on making sure state law is consistent in how it refers to certain fees or services.

But he says lawmakers will have to wait until an independent audit of the B-M-V is completed in May to do the rest of the work – which means it can’t be completed during this legislative session.

Soliday says that includes reviewing all 12-hundred motor vehicle fees, and getting rid of those that are obsolete or redundant.

"To declare victory in this bill would be a mistake because the audit isn't even due until May 1st," says Soliday. "We're a little reluctant to put a lot of things in this and then have the outside auditor come in and say no, the solution is something else."

The bill will also call for annual audits of the B-M-V.   

So far more than 60-million dollars in overcharges have been discovered.

Governor Pence has warned that the independent audit will likely uncover more.

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