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Senate Slows Bill To End Straight Ticket Voting


A bill to do away with straight-ticket voting has stalled in the Senate.

The Senate Elections Committee voted Monday to send the issue to a study committee for review following this year’s legislative session.

The bill is the brainchild of Carmel Republican Senator Mike Delph, who’s introduced it several sessions in a row.

He says no longer allowing straight party-line voting would encourage more engaged citizenship by making voters more responsible for their choices.

"In many cases this occurs, it is possible today for an individual to not have a clue who they're voting for or what offices they're voting for," says Delph. "I don't presume that everybody that votes straight party is like that, but there are some."

The bill was approved by a House committee, but Democrats on the Senate Elections committee swayed two of their GOP colleagues to join them in voting for further study, rather than passage.

Democrats have argued the change would make voting more difficult.

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