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Think You Can't Show Birds At Fairs This Year? Kids Say: Think Again

Giulia van Pelt

Even though restrictions are in place keeping poultry from county fairs happening this month, many of those events are still exhibiting stuffed birds. Not stuffed by a taxidermist, mind you, but stuffed by a toy company.

A number of young people around the state who’d perspired in pursuit of primping and plumping their prize poultry have now had to postpone those plans.

So instead, drawings of birds, stuffed animals and explanations of the bird flu that’s keeping the live animals from the fairs are appearing in the birds’ stead.

Christanna Rayhill is showing off some birds at the Lawrence County fair -- in photos, attached to poster board. She says she’s just trying to contribute to the fair and stay within the health regulations.

"I was wondering how they were going to do it," Rayhill says. "Because I knew they wouldn't want to just not have anything."

Still, the Indiana State Fair will be a little quieter next month, due to diminished clucking and quacking. If no new flu cases are detected by mid-September, the restrictions can be lifted.

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