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Purdue Settles Dispute With Student Newspaper Over Treatment Of Photographer

Purdue University

Purdue University has settled a dispute with its independent student newspaper over one of the paper's journalists allegedly being roughed up by campus police.

Neither the university nor The Exponent newspaper has disclosed terms of the settlement of the case that dates to paper’s coverage of the January 2014 murder of Purdue student Andrew Boldt by another student, Cody Cousins.

While taking photographs shortly after the shooting at Purdue's Electrical Engineering Building, Exponent photojournalist Michael Takeda was pushed by a police officer even after Takeda went to his knees, as he had been ordered. Takeda also had his camera confiscated and damaged even though the area where he was taking pictures had not been restricted by police.

Much of the confrontation was recorded by the building's surveillance cameras. However, Purdue refused to release the video, saying it was protected because of its relation to an ongoing criminal investigation. The ACLU of Indiana then sued Purdue on behalf of the Exponent, after which the university released the video.

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