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Tippecanoe County and Wildcat Creek relationship closer to ending

Tippecanoe County officials are moving forward with plans to use a new company to handle hazardous waste removal.

Commissioners gave a preliminary vote last month to disband from the Wildcat Creek Solid Waste District, which currently handles hazardous waste disposal.

Monday, they gave preliminary approval for a contract with Southside Landfill out of Knightstown to handle the service for four-thousand-dollars a month.

County Attorney Dave Luhman says the agreement is basically amending an existing contract with the company, which already rents the trash transfer station in Tippecanoe County.

He says the new agreement includes constructing two buildings for hazardous waste disposal at the cost of $175,000, as well as expanding the existing recycling service.

The County Council has the final say on whether or not to leave the Wildcat Creek Solid Waste District.

Luhman says Clinton County has until December 16th to decide if it wants to join Tippecanoe County in this new venture or stick with Wildcat Creek.