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Lafayette's Centennial Townhomes project still needs developer

The partnership pushing for a new townhomes development in downtown Lafayette is still looking for someone to carry out their vision.

The three entities collaborating on the effort are the city’s Redevelopment Commission, Lafayette Urban Enterprise Association and Centennial Neighborhood Investment Group.

The commission received no proposals for the site at 5th and Brown streets, which was occupied by Midwest Rentals.

Development Director Dennis Carson says the lack of response means the group will take a more active approach.

"I'm going to go out over the next three to six months to actually talk to developers, get some feedback from the and see what we can do together to make a project on that site happen."

He says he’ll start by focusing on housing developers who specifically work in urban areas or with condos.

The partnership wants the new buildings to reflect the historic nature of the Centennial Neighborhood, which Carson admits is a unique vision for the site.

"This is a townhome project in an inner city, urban area. We also want it to have historic character and reflect the neighborhood. It is a little different, but we think it is an exciting product that will attract a lot of people. We just need to find the right person to make a project like this happen."

The group will handle demolition of the old buildings to make way for the new housing.

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