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Property taxes due by midnight Tuesday

This fall's property tax payment deadline was extended for the second installment, since November 10th was Saturday and county offices were closed Monday to observe Veterans Day.

Payments must be made in person during your county treasurer’s office hours, left in designated drop-boxes, or postmarked with Tuesday’s date at the post office.

Tippecanoe County Treasurer Bob Plantenga says in addition to online payment with credit card, his office is trying out an e-check method this fall.

“I think it’s going to be successful and beneficial to the taxpayer in that it’s convenient, you can do it at home and you will receive a confirmation email, which we would treat as your receipt.”

There is a $1 per parcel fee when paying with e-check, which is less than the credit card transaction fee at 2.5% of the amount.

Plantenga says his office collected about 70% of what’s owed, as of the weekend. He says 98% of all bills are paid on-time, but some people are not able to pay it all at once.

“We have numerous people who will come in monthly, even weekly, and make some payments. Whatever is unpaid will get the 10% penalty. So, if you can’t pay the whole thing, but you can pay part of it, at least that’s going to alleviate the penalty on the part you can get paid.”

Most counties also have an agreement with one or more local banks for property owners to pay their bills.

Still, Plantenga says even with all the options, some people just like to stand in line on the due date.

“We’ll get them through as quickly as we can, but I hope the lines won’t be that long. When we post, it’s fairly quick and we’ll have all of our stations open.”

There is a 10% penalty for late payments.

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