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Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes

City of Frankfort

Some questions for the mayor on this month's program:

You and I spoke a couple weeks ago when the city pool was closed about some of the overhaul that was needed to make that facility safer. What’s the latest on those efforts?

You say in your latest 200-day plan you want to review the condition of aging police and fire facilities. Is it likely the city will have to rehab or replace several of those?

What kind of money does the city have in its capital projects budget to pay for updates to infrastructure?

You also say you’re going to target neighborhoods in need of attention and give them increased city support and access to services for a short time each, is that right?

Is there a possibility that once the city stops paying attention to an area, the problems you were trying to address will crop up again, because people will feel like Big Brother is no longer watching?

You’re also planning a meeting for Frankfort’s Hispanic community in the coming days. Is one meeting enough or should you plan a regular conversation time to address the needs of Latino residents?

How do you avoid the perception that the city is targeting certain groups – such as low-income residents or minorities?

Your plan also calls for annexation out to I-65. But so much of your plan is focused on rehabbing the core of the city – shouldn’t you make sure the existing parts of Frankfort are solid first before taking in more land that the city will have to monitor and provide services to?

The idea of expanding the city out to the interstate brings up the topic of how you’d get from downtown to the highway and in many cases the answer is State Road 28. As you approach downtown from the west, the road is in need of serious repair and repaving. Have you talked with INDOT about how to get that done?

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