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Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski

Lafayette Mayor's Office

Some questions for Mayor Roswarski this week:

There are numbers out now showing that Indiana’s voter participation rate may have been the worst of any state in last week’s election. Mayor Dennis told us on last week’s show he worries a minority of the electorate will pick next year’s mayoral race winners – and you, like he, will be running in one of those races. Do you share his worry?

It seems clear gerrymandering is one reason voter turnout is down, but that would seem to be less of a concern with municipal elections, since all of Lafayette can choose the city’s mayor. Can you use that to help boost turnout?

Are you able to work with the clerk’s office to determine where people are voting and see if there are, for instance, neighborhoods where turnout is particularly low, so you can target those?

Both your city and Crawfordsville are dealing with an increasing number of feral cats. Is the population so big that animal control officers need the help of the community to manage it?

Wouldn’t it be smarter to just euthanize the feral cats that are caught?