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Columbus To Consider LGBT Protection Ordinance

WFIU Public Radio

The Columbus City Council is considering a request from that city's Human Rights Commission for a new ordinance aimed at making a pair of groups "protected classes.”

Human Rights Commission Director Aida Ramirez says these groups include members of the LGBT community and those ages 40 and older.

Ramirez says many members of the LGBT community have written and called the commission to discuss the way they have been made to feel by some segments of the Columbus community.

While there were few instances of blatant discrimination, Ramirez says there’s a perception of discrimination and some people have felt unwelcome in some establishments.

“The crux is that of equality, is that of not feeling like a second-class citizen, that is of feeling as though you have the ability to seek local enforcement for discrimination that is happening to you in the city,” Ramirez says.

The proposed ordinance is expected to come up for a first reading at the next City Council meeting set for September 1.

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