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One Outlet, Limited Space: Historic Courtroom Presents Challenge For Indiana Supreme Court


The Indiana Supreme Court went back to its roots Wednesday, holding an oral argument in the state’s original Supreme Court courtroom in Corydon.

The Supreme Court holds oral arguments around the state every year so people can see the state’s high court in their local communities. But Chief Justice Loretta Rush says the trip to the original Supreme Court courtroom in Corydon – the state’s first capitol – presented unique challenges.

“There’s one outlet,” Rush says. “The original bench seats three justices – we’ll be pulling up extra chairs.  We’ll be using flashcards for the time instead of the electronic timer.”

The Court heard a real case in the original courtroom, not a reenactment, and it was Justice Brent Dickson’s last argument. Dickson is retiring as the second longest serving justice in state history, second only to Isaac Blackford…who sat on the bench during the time the Court made its home in Corydon. 

The case involves the death of a guest at a house party in the Fort Wayne area and whether the home owner was negligent in providing too much alcohol and not providing adequate care to the guest.

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