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Lilly Puts $70M Toward Indianapolis Global R&D Department

Paul Sableman

Indianapolis pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company has announced a multi-million dollar expansion.

Company officials say they’ll spend $70 million to expand the firm’s global research and development headquarters in downtown Indianapolis. The plan includes adding a 130,000 square-foot building that will house research labs.

Lilly vice president Bret Huff says the facility will enable chemists and engineers to work side-by-side in multi-disciplinary teams and is slated be completed in 2017.

“This is a really important project for our scientists because of the ability for them to be able to work in a multidisciplinary team across engineering, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences,” Huff says.

Huff says the teams should increase productivity.

“We strongly believe that this multidisciplinary approach allows us to innovate in a much more rapid fashion and it also allows us to be able to bring new medicines to patients in a lot quicker way,” he says.

The project marks Lilly's fourth research and development expansion at various facilities nationwide this year.

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