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Ask the Mayor: Frankfort’s Judy Sheets on how annexation will impact city budgets and the need for more police

City of Frankfort
Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor: We’ll talk about rising rents across the state of Indiana and what Frankfort is doing to keep living in the city affordable - and how it’s grappling with housing needs for middle and low-income residents. We’ll also talk about the primary election results and the win of Frankfort’s own Mark Genda in House District 41.

This week in our talk with Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets, we’ll ask how the city police department is contemplating a grant to help bring on new staff. Plus, we’ll get the latest on how American Rescue Plan Act dollars will get used and get a quick update on READI grant funding. All of that and a look inside the city’s political districts which are set to be recertified.