Margy Deverall

Lafayette Finishing Up Bicycle And Pedestrian Master Plan

May 26, 2015
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The City of Lafayette is putting the finishing touches on its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

City planner Margy Deverall says the document took more than a year to complete.

She says officials are still seeking input from various stakeholders before finalizing the plan and prioritizing projects.

“We’re getting a lot of input from people who ride and who walk looking at routes that they are currently using that they would like to see improved," says Deverall. "Or routes that they would like to use that aren’t necessarily safe.”

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Turning pavement into parks—that’s the idea of a parklet.

The city of Lafayette is considering adding some of these new public spaces in its downtown.

But doing so means taking away some prime parking spots in the downtown shopping district.

Tippecanoe County Entering The Public Art Game

Jan 27, 2015
City of West Lafayette /

Over the past several years, many new sculptures and murals have been installed in Lafayette and West Lafayette.

The public art is the result of efforts by committees established and funded by the cities.

And now Tippecanoe County is joining the effort to bring more art to the area.

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Cyclists and motorists in Lafayette have a new rule to follow.

An ordinance passed at Monday night’s Lafayette City Council meeting requires motorists to maintain three feet of clearance when passing cyclists on the road.

The ordinance, intended to promote safety for both cyclists and motorists, will be enforced by local police.

City planner Margy Deverall says the city of Lafayette will soon begin work on a master plan regarding bicycles and pedestrians.

Early results of a survey are giving some indication of what potential homeowners are looking for in a new Lafayette development.

The group behind the Centennial Townhomes project wanted to know what buyers wanted in such a development. A majority of a survey sample put the target price at $150,000-200,000 for a unit with three bedrooms, a garage and a basement.

A future housing development in downtown Lafayette is seeking proposals.

Centennial Townhomes will be built on the former Midwest Rentals property at North 5th Street between Brown and Cincinnati streets. The project’s partners have launched a website with a survey for future owners and architects to submit their ideas.

Margy Deverall is a planner with the city’s Economic Development Department. She says the large commercial parcel in the middle of that unique neighborhood was really out-of-place.