Broadcasting in the 1933-1934 School Year

Nov 17, 2011

The Purdue Engineer, Vol. 29, No. 1, p. 11, October 1933

WBAA Rebuilt

During the summer the University radio station, WBAA, was completely rebuilt, the work being under the direction of Professor G. E. West. New voice amplifiers were installed, while the crystal oscillator and buffer amplifiers have been entirely reconstructed. The modulating unit has also been rebuilt and is in first class condition. Because only apparatus of the highest quality has been used in construction, the quality of the broadcast should be equal to those of commercial stations of similar power.

The power allowed WBAA is 1000 watts during the day and 500 watts at night, no change being made. Experimental work will be undertaken during the year to improve the coverage of the station by means of a new antenna. This work will be carried on with the hope of increasing the range many times.



The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, October 31, 1933

Dr. L. Sears Broadcasts

Delivers Talk for Birthday Memorial Services

Dr. L. M. Sears, of the University history department, gave a talk over station WBAA last night, entitled "John Purdue." This talk was included in the memorial services for the birthday of the founder of the University.

Tippecanoe County Extension workers presented the remainder of the program which consisted of musical selections and short talks given by members of the County Farm Bureau, Women's Home Economics clubs, Grange, and 4-H clubs. Among the list of other speakers were: J. E. Williamson, president of the County Farm Bureau; Ed Miller, freshman in the school of agriculture; Mrs. O. L. McCoy, W. Holtman, J. C. Ralston, and S. B. Pershing.


The Purdue Exponent - Friday, November 17, 1933

Faculty Men to Broadcast

M. L. Fisher, dean of men at the University, will be the principal speaker on the Publicity Program to be given over the University radio station WBAA tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 o'clock. His subject will be "Delinquent Reports." Other speakers on the special program will include W. A. Bodden, assistant controller for the University, who will speak on "Student Organizations," and C. R> Egry, of the mechanical engineering department, who will discuss "The Engineer and Designer--One Man."

The musical portion of the program will include Glen Wright, who plays with Miller Welch and his orchestra. Wright will play several selections on the accordian. Also Virginia Harlan will give several popular piano selections. A reading will be given by Ruth Anne McDaniels.


The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, November 28, 1933

Ag Extension Broadcasts

WBAA to Give "Greater Purdue Program"

Last night, the Tippecanoe County Agricultural Extension office held its regular monthly broadcast over the University radio station, WBAA.

Featured in the musical portion of the program was the Farmerette Trio and the Hoosier Hawaiians. The trio appeared for short periods four times on the program, while the Hoosier Hawaiians appeared only twice.

Speakers on the broadcast were: S. B. Pershing, county agent; J. E. Williamson, and representatives of the thirteen townships; Arthur Arndt, of Rensselaer, Third Farm Bureau District President and State Director; Karl Knaus, State County Agent Leader, of the University; J. C. Ralson, County 4-H Club Leader, and Harry Hege, state and middle-west 4-H club livestock champion. Bob Woodworth, assistant director of the University publicity department, gave the University news flashes.

Friday's Program

Friday, WBAA will present a "Greater Purdue Program" beginning at 7 p.m. It is to be an entirely musical program in charge of A. P. Stewart, University music director. Numbers will be given by the Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, Choral Society, and the University Concert Orchestra. Following the broadcast the Men's Glee Club will entertain the University Club in the main lobby of the Union Building. Following this program a dance is to be given by the organization.



The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, January 6, 1934

H. Gregory Broadcasts

Prof. H. W. Gregory, chief of the University dairy department, was the principal speaker on the WBAA radio broadcast last night. Prof. Gregory spoke on "The Dairy Situation in Indiana," which included much information collected in a recent survey of the dairy situation made by members of the local staff.

Capt. G. W. Haskins, head of aeronautical work in the University, and L. Josselyn, a new member of the University library staff, also were featured on the program. Musical entertainment for the program was provided by Eddie Memmer and Art Wooten with banjo numbers by Monte McLean.

Monday evening the radio station will present another broadcast with the University choir, under the direction of Albert Stewart, singing a group of selections. Included also in Monday's program, will be a number of violin solos by Eddie Mae Brown and a group of songs by Charlotte Friend Stewart, soprano.


The Purdue Exponent - Wednesday, April 25, 1934

WBAA Staff Meets Today

Prof. W. K. Knapp Will Address Students Interested in Positions

Prof. W. K. Knapp, chairman of the University Radio Committee, will outline the plans for the new organization of the staffs of WBAA before the group meeting of students who are interested in working as announcers and continuity writers this afternoon at 4 o'clock in room 301, University Hall. The committee urges that all sophomores and juniors, and any freshmen of exceptional ability, who are interested in this type of work attend the meeting.

J. W. Stafford, who had complete charge of the station from 1924 until last year, will give the history of WBAA since its beginning in 1921. Three University students, D. L. Conkright, J. E. Duggan, and W. H. McCandless, all of whom are experienced station announcers, will relate several incidents with which they have met during their part of the operation. C. E. Dammon, who has general charge of the programs, will lay out the plans for the training period which will be completed before the end of the semester. In conclusion, Prof. A. H. Monroe will present a few words concerning the opportunities which the new organization will offer the students.


Included in the training program which will consist of six meetings the general scope of the broadcasting will be covered. Both commercial and non-commercial stations will be considered, as the students become acquainted with the qualifications necessary for holding positions with broadcasting units. Some of the specific requirements which will be thoroughly covered are those for continuity writing and the technique for effective announcing, as well as the matter of building and unifying a broadcast for projection.

The last two meetings of the six will have the classes divided into two groups, continuity writers and announcers, according to their ability, as shown in previous tryouts.


The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, May 22, 1934

Deans Speak in Broadcast

Discuss "Student Morality" Over WBAA

Students of the University and people residing in the surrounding community had the opportunity last night to hear Dorothy C. Stratton, Dean of Women, and M. L. Fisher, Dean of Men, on WBAA, the University radio station, at 7:15 o'clock.

Speaking on "Student Morality," the two deans paid an imaginary visit to the study of the Inquiring Professor. Here the three discussed informally the common beliefs of many persons concerning student morals and the actual problems confronting the students themselves.

Bob Woodworth, assistant director of publicity for the University, opened the broadcast with the regular news flashes. Maurice Dromberger, a freshman in the school of science, sang several popular numbers and was assisted by Jack Huston.

WBAA, in order to allow WKBF, Indianapolis, to carry a chain broadcast which was advanced an hour due to the adoption of daylight saving time, has cut short its Monday broadcast one-half hour from 7:30 to 8 p. m. To compensate for this, however, the Indianapolis station has granted the use of their time on Saturday from 7 until 8 o'clock. This new schedule is not definite and is subject to immediate change.