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Tippecanoe County Election Returns

Here is a list of some of the contested races in Tuesday's primary election (party affiliations in parentheses). All winners are nominated to represent their party in November's general election. Full results are available at the county's website.

Tippecanoe County Sheriff (R)
Barry Richard 6008
Dave Heath     5583

Tippecanoe County Council Dist. 3 (R)
Kathy Vernon 1660
Jeffrey Kemper 1624

Tippecanoe County Council Dist. 4 (R)
Sally Siegrist 692
Steve Knecht 637

Tippecanoe Circuit Judge (R)
Les Meade 5945
Earl McCoy 5183

Tippecanoe Superior Court Judge, Seat 4 (R)
Laura Zeman 6461
Gregory Donat 4833

Tippecanoe Superior Court Judge, Seat 5 (R)
Sean Persin 5794
Dan Moore 5057

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