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Migos, 'Avalanche'

The fact that it took this long for the Migos to rap over "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" is a crime. The cadence of The Temptations masterpiece — laid bare with some 808s and sampled in their latest single, "Avalanche" — was begging for the triplet flow. Who better than the trio whose namesake is world-renowned for that rhyme pattern?

To honor such a task, the North Atlanta pioneers married the old and new as Quavo kicks flav out the gate: "Papa was a rollin' stone now we got rollin' stones in the bezel / Mama at home all alone, hustlin, tryna keep this s*** together." He even added another double entendre by coining Migos the greatest group in the world, à la The Rolling Stones. "Avalanche" is the perfect statement piece to open part three of the Culture trilogy.

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