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Ask The Mayor

Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On LGBT Rights, Police Tweeting

City of Frankfort

The city of Frankfort has taken its transition to police body cameras slowly. But when it comes to police sharing information on social media, the city jumped right in last month.

On this edition of Ask The Mayor, we chat with Mayor Chris McBarnes about whether there are any of the same privacy concerns on Twitter that there are about video of traffic stops.

Also on today’s show: the city has held its first meeting about the future of downtown development – but do the mayor and the citizens want different things? And without a large influx of cash like a Stellar Communities grant, how long will it take to accomplish any of this?

And a listener presses the mayor on his statement that he wants to attract more young professionals.

She says: why not enact an LGBT rights ordinance?

The mayor says he hasn't gotten any calls about it.

Now he has.