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Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski On Overcoming Opioid Overdoses

Stan Jastrzebski

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski has been among the chorus of voices saying his city can’t, as the saying goes, “arrest its way out of a drug problem.”

But now that the Indiana General Assembly has made Tippecanoe County a pilot site for a new opioid treatment program, will the mayor be more bullish on that as a solution than he has been on the idea of a needle exchange? We put that question to him this week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor.

Also in our this half hour, the city’s police force has hired a sort of community liaison to help engage the public. But wasn’t that what officers were already supposed to be doing for the last year as the city tried to stem its crime spike?

And is there any way such a position can speak directly to the people committing the crimes, in addition to the citizens who’d like to find a way to prevent more of them?

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