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GLC preparing for Washington, D.C. trip


A group from the Lafayette area is preparing to meet with some of Indiana’s Congressional delegation February 29 - March 2.

They hope to share some of their goals with such lawmakers as Senator Dick Lugar and Congressman Mike Pence.

Tippecanoe County Councilman Dave Williams chairs the Federal Government Committee for Greater Lafayette Commerce. He says the goal of these annual trips is to plant seeds with lawmakers, and to come together locally to address common needs.

"I don't know that you can weigh what kind of effect we're having in D.C., but I know what kind of effect this networking has on the local community. It gives us an opportunity to sit down and discuss things that are important to not only Greater Lafayette Commerce, but all of us."

The delegation is bringing position papers covering business and industry, healthcare issues, higher education, and transportation.

Stan Lambert is executive director of the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation. He plans to promote issues related to restoring the waterway’s ecosystem and economic development along its banks.

"Within the Indiana Congressional delegation, Todd Rokita is the gatekeeper, because he represents our district. So, we need to get him informed and up-to-date on the river corridor enhancement project and how it benefits not just Tippecanoe County, but the state of Indiana and the entire nation, economically and environmentally."

Lambert says the group has been successful in the past with securing grants for studies and creating a rural corridor master plan.

Other issues the group will bring to Washington include litigation reform, passenger rail investment, and student financial aid. Thirty-six members will be part of the delegation.