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Russian students get crash course in entrepreneurship at Purdue

The Yegor Gaidar and U.S. Russian foundations have collaborated to bring ten undergraduates to West Lafayette.

Entrepreneurship Academy Director Tim Peoples is helping them turn their business ideas into viable companies.

He says the group first spent two weeks on a case study to learn startup strategies, but have since moved on.

"Each student brought with them their own technology, their own idea of starting a business. So during the final week, we used the tools we taught in the first two weeks to help them develop a commercialization strategy for their product."

Kirill Shagoiko is working on a project which he's titled "Alternative Energy Development." He thinks it is important to look for new energy solutions that are tailored to Russia, such as wind power.

"We have 83 regions in our country and we've got the appropriate climate conditions for doing this. And actually I think that we can do this. We will try."

Aneliya Filatova’s business idea deals with viral advertising.

"It's the message that is interesting not only for the company, to influence people, but it's also interesting for the customers because it entertains them and gives them information."

Their program wraps up with an official recognition ceremony and final project presentations Friday. After that, the students are returning home with the intent to put their ideas into action.