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Central Indiana Leads Country In Gas Price Declines

Brian Herzog

Central Indiana may have been the best place in the country to find gas savings last week.

Gas prices rocketed to almost $3.00 a gallon in the beginning of the week, but dropped as much as 27 cents in parts of the state.

Kokomo had the largest price drop in gas in the nation, and Indianapolis had the eight-largest decrease, according to Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at

Prices initially rose because of offline refineries in the Midwest but DeHaan says those refineries are now up-and-running again.

"As long as we don’t see any more refinery issues, we’ll likely see prices across Indianapolis kind of holding in the mid-to-upper twos I would say for the next few weeks," Dehaan says. 

DeHaan says some Indianapolis gas stations have already dropped their prices to below $2.50 a gallon. 

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