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Carrier Stands Firm On Moving Business Out Of Indiana

Carrier Corporation

Carrier is not going to stop its move to Mexico, despite some last-ditch efforts by Indiana's senators.

Dan Coats (R-IN) says his Tuesday meeting with Carrier execs did nothing to change their minds.

“I tried to convince them: ‘Is there anything that we can do to rethink this thing through?’ And they made it clear that over this -- next three years -- period of time, they’re going to be shifting out of Indiana,” Coats says.

Coats did say that it’s more than federal government regulations – which Gov. Mike Pence blamed for the company’s departure – that’s causing the company to move, although Coats did not get specific about it in a post-meeting news release and interview.

“Carrier needs to do everything they can in this transition period over three years to provide them with training, provide them with the right kind of pay – severance pay, transition pay – training, education,” Coats says.

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) said almost the same in his post-meeting statement.

Carrier also issued a statement in which they repeated that they believe the move to Mexico is the only way to compete.

Earlier this month, Gov. Pence said Carrier has agreed to repay local tax abatements and $400,000 in state job training grants.

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