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Gov. Pence meeting with higher ed administrators

Governor Mike Pence says he wants a conversation with the heads of the public colleges and universities to outline his goals. He says he wants to see innovation and affordability from higher education, and he wants those ideas brought forward.

“We’re going to be promoting legislation that encourages our publicly supported universities and colleges to do an even better job helping our young people achieve that objective of on-time completion and look for ways to make college more affordable.”

He thinks the institutions can make Indiana a center for innovation because of their leaders and faculty.

“But what we want to do is make sure that college education is affordable. We want to make sure kids, like my two kids, are able to complete a four year degree in four years, on an increasing basis.”

During his State of the State address last month, Pence said his budget proposal creates a partnership with universities, to spur research and produce high-paying jobs.

The governor is suggesting a 1% increase in higher education funding in each of the next two years, and says he wants to tie funding and financial aid to on-time completion. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education recommended a 7% increase over two years.