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Purdue University Senate takes up constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage

While Purdue’s administration is not taking a stand on the proposed constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage – at least not yet – the University Senate could vote Monday to oppose it.

Faculty members will consider a resolution at their Monday meeting. It’s short and makes just four points.

The first two cite the University Faculty & Staff Handbook’s Equal Opportunity Policies. Those highlight the need for tolerance for individual thoughts and beliefs, and the university’s anti-discrimination statement.

The third point highlights Purdue’s decade long policy of offering benefits to same sex domestic partners and eligible children. While the fourth point states the belief that a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage would hurt employee recruitment and retention efforts.

It asks the General Assembly and Governor Pence to oppose the amendment, but it does not urge the Purdue Board of Trustees to join the opposition.

Indiana and DePauw universities and Wabash College already have expressed opposition to the amendment. The University Senate at Ball State is expected to consider the issue Thursday afternoon.

It’s not clear if the Purdue University Senate will vote on the resolution Monday. It could by suspending the rules, or it would have to wait until its next meeting on January 27th.

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