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Indiana House Republicans Back Obama On Trade Deal, Even As They Prod Him

Courtesy U.S. Congress

Three weeks after the Senate fought its way to approval of fast-track trade authority, the bill is in an even tougher battle in the House.

The House could vote as early as this week on the bill allowing the White House to send the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Congress for an up-or-down vote, without amendments. The deal has scrambled Washington‘s usual divisions, with most Republicans backing President Obama, and Democrats leading the effort to defeat the bill.

Congresswoman Susan Brooks (D-5th) joins most of her fellow Republicans in supporting the bill, but says she expects a fight for fast-track power.

"It gives Congress more authority than they’ve ever had over the trade negotiations that the administration would take on. So, not certain if the votes are there yet," Brooks says.

She says President Obama needs to do more to rally his fellow Democrats to pass the legislation. Organized labor is leading the drive to kill fast track, contending it would cost jobs and depress wages.

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