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Indiana Part Of Cruz, Kasich Strategy To Thwart Trump Nomination

Brandon Smith

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz says Indiana has a “national megaphone” in the race for the Republican nomination. 

Cruz has turned his focus to the Hoosier State as he and fellow candidate John Kasich coordinate to stop Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

The Cruz and Kasich campaigns each sent out statements late Sunday announcing Kasich was pulling his resources out of Indiana to focus on the New Mexico and Oregon primaries, while Cruz is doing the reverse.  Each campaign asked its allies to focus their resources the same way.  

Kasich canceled two public events in Indiana on Tuesday, but supporters say the Ohio Governor still plans to participate in a fundraiser in Indianapolis. 

The Texas senator traveled the state over the weekend, delivering a message that the eyes of the nation are on Indiana as Hoosier voters head to the polls and weigh in on the outcome of the presidential race.

"Do we want a candidate whose only approach to the problems in America is to yell and scream and curse and insult anyone standing near him?" Cruz asked.  "Or do we want to get behind a campaign with a positive, optimistic, forward-looking conservative vision to solve the problems in this country?"

His pitch to Hoosiers includes a pledge to institute a flat tax and abolish the IRS, kill jihadists across the world, and defend religious liberty.

Cruz says he and Donald Trump are “neck-and-neck” in Indiana, though recent polls suggest Trump has the lead. 

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