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Lafayette mayor asks residents to be patient after the storm

Lafayette area leaders are urging residents to use caution when going outside. The bitter wind chills can lead to frost bite quickly.

Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski also wants people to be patient when it comes to the cities and county removing snow.

“We’re going to need people, if they could, to get their cars off the roadways, get them up in their driveways, give us as much room as possible to plow, because we’re going to have to go over stuff over and over and over again. And there’s not going to be a lot of places to put it. It’s going to be very difficult.”

He says with the chance of more snow later in the week, the city might have to haul snow out of downtown, where space to pile it is limited.

Roswarski says the below zero temperatures also hinder how will road salt works, so when the travel warning is removed, drivers need to use caution.

He thinks the best thing residents can do is to stay off the roads and help out one another.

“Neighbors keeping an eye on each other, family members checking on family members, because these will be dangerously cold temperatures and a lot of things could happen,” Roswarski says, “can cause a lot of dangerous situations.”

He says it could be three days before all roads are cleared of snow.

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