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Governor Insists Indiana Is Prepared To Handle Ebola


Health officials say Indiana is prepared for the possibility of a case of Ebola virus.

Indiana State Department of Health chief medical consultant Joan Duwve says for the most part preparedness for Ebola is the same as for any other disease -- the only difference is that the stakes are higher.

Duwve notes you might get away with a slip in protocol in treating a flu patient, but Ebola is so deadly that there‘s no margin for error.

"The most important thing is making sure they're comfortable with the personal protective equipment and they know the importance of putting that on correctly and taking off correctly," says Duwve. "Also that they know the importance of asking those screening questions about travel, about exposure."

Governor Pence and incoming health commissioner Jerome Adams joined a regular monthly webinar for more than a thousand health providers around the state to assure them the state is ready.

Pence boasts state and local health officials dealt effectively earlier this year with MERS, the respiratory ailment which made its first U-S appearance in Indiana.

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