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Senate Passes Abortion Bill

Alex Proimos

The Senate Tuesday passed a bill banning doctors from performing abortions if the procedures are requested for the sole reason of the fetus’ gender or disability.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle shared stories of personal experiences where a family member was diagnosed in the womb with a disability.  Markle Republican Senator Travis Holdman says his son chose not abort his grandson despite an early ultrasound that showed a potential complication. 

“The next time they went, miraculously, the spot was gone and today we have a bright, healthy kid," says Holdman. "We have to say as a state our public policy is one of life and not presumed death.” 

Evansville Republican Senator Vaneta Becker says the bill forces huge financial obligations on families and the state who would have to pay for the medical expenses associated with the child’s disabilities.  

“I just don’t think government should be making these decisions." says Becker. "This is a decision for a woman, her family and her physician.

The bill passed 35 to 15. It now heads to the House.

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