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Democrats Predict GOP Will Pay 2016 Price For RFRA

Gretchen Frazee

Sixty-six Indiana cities cast ballots for mayor Tuesday, but Democrats are already looking ahead to legislative and gubernatorial elections next year.

House Minority Leader Scott Pelath says mayoral victories this year would position Democrats for 2016.

The party’s strategy is already in focus—reminding voters of the controversy over the religious freedom law.

Pelath (D-Michigan City) acknowledges Democrats had high hopes last year too, after the legislative battle over same-sex marriage.

"We're not immune to the whims of national politics," says Pelath. "We had candidates that performed very well, but you now how things sometimes go in an election cycle particularly when turnout is low."

Democrats would need to gain five seats in the House and seven in the Senate to break the GOP super majorities.

Republicans have held two-thirds majorities in the House for two election cycles and in the Senate for three.

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