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Cheapest Gas In Ten Years For Memorial Day Holiday, Summer Travel Season

Mike Mozart

Hoosiers can expect to pay 20- to 30-cents less per gallon of gas when they hit the road this Memorial Day weekend.

Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy.Com senior petroleum analyst, says the price of fuel in Indiana, and across the country, has hit a ten-year low.

“Last year on Memorial Day, the statewide average was about $2.75 a gallon,” he says. “But much of the state really holding right around the low-to-mid $2 a gallon range.”

He says prices will be in the $2 per gallon range for those who travel outside of Indiana.

At $2.23, the current national average is almost 50 cents a gallon less today than a year ago.

A GasBuddy.Com survey shows 75 percent of respondents plan to travel this summer, one percent more than in last year’s survey.  And 79 percent said they plan to travel by car.

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