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Three Die In Heroin-Suspected Overdoses In Vigo County


Police suspect three Vigo County deaths could be the result of laced heroin. Authorities now say officers need to carry more of the overdose intervention drug naloxone.

Police say four people in Vigo County overdosed just this week and three of the overdoses were fatal. Officers started carrying one dose of naloxone in February of this year. Now some are carrying up to three doses.

Sgt. Stephen Lockard with the Vigo County Drug Task Force says even that may not be enough.

“[This] has really kind of made us realize that we need to try to get a kit out to everyone on the street, so we’re going to try to have between seven and 10 kits out at a time with three doses in each kit,” Lockard says.

Lockard, along with Public Information Officer Ryan Adamson, are warning the community about a possible bad batch of heroin and urging residents to call 911.

“And more importantly, they have an obligation to their friend or family member to call 911 when he or she is overdosing or when they see the signs of overdosing,” Adamson says.

Bartholomew County reported an opioid-related death this week. Officials there are waiting for a toxicology report.

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