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Charlie White convicted, Governor Daniels names interim secretary of state

After deliberating for 10 hours, a Hamilton County jury found Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White guilty on six of seven charges.

Those are submitting a false voter registration, perjury, voting in another precinct, casting a false ballot and theft. White was found not guilty of the most serious charge, fraud on a financial institution.

Short after the verdict was handed down, Governor Mitch Daniels named Jerry Bonnet interim secretary of state. He has been serving as chief deputy. Daniels says he'll hold off naming a permanent replacement, in case the judge lessens White's felony conviction to a misdemeanor.

White says he's disappointed with the decision and that he's reviewing his options. A grand jury indicted White last year after it was revealed he registered to vote at his ex-wife's house, while living with another woman elsewhere.

A Marion County judge ruled in December White was ineligible to run for secretary of state, because of the voter registration issue and that Democrat Vop Osili, who finished second, should be secretary of state. However, Judge Louis Rosenberg allowed White to remain in office while he appeals the decision.

If White's felony conviction stands, he would have to step down from office. If that happens, or if he resigns, Governor Daniels would be allowed to name a replacement.

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