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WL Redevelopment Commission approves spending plan

The Levee area of West Lafayette should see improvements to the flow of traffic for cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

Redevelopment Commission members approved a 2013 spending plan that includes funding for that project. The city’s other two tax increment financing districts also will see infrastructure improvements.

Commission President Larry Oates says extra money in the Levee TIF addresses needed changes.

"Those projects involve things like Northwestern Avenue, which is going to get turned over to us in the next year. And we need to make some changes to that to make it more pedestrian friendly, installing some bike paths along there."

City redevelopment officials also approved a request for the fire department to negotiate bids to replace a piece of equipment. The new water-pumping vehicle is capable of accessing parking garages, which Oates says serves an important purpose.

"That piece of equipment is a truck that houses not only the ability to pump water but also the ability to pump foam. It is a low profile vehicle. It is the only one we have in the city that can pump water and/or foam that can go into parking garages."

He says the board of works will review bids for the truck, likely later this month. The truck would be housed at Fire Station One.