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WL trash ordinance revisions expected to pass

West Lafayette residents could see their trash fee increase as soon as July 1st.

Council members are considering an update to the city’s trash ordinance that would bump the monthly rate from $9 to $16. The service includes weekly pick up of recycling and yard waste.

Councilor Gerry Keen (R-Dist. 5) says public comments have played an important role in shaping the measure.

"Most people didn't want to go to any sort of a tag system, any sort of a pay-as-you-throw system. By and large the response I've gotten was: Whatever it costs, let's just cover the cost, and let's keep our service the way it is because we have a great service the way it is."

The proposal has been changed to remove a requirement for permanent lids on trash containers. It also includes an exemption for low-income residents.

Council member Eddie VanBogaert (D-Dist. 1) says the ordinance got some much-needed scrutiny during the revision process.

"If there's the takeaway there it's that we have to revisit this and to make sure that not just the fee component is correct but that operationally we're doing something that is of a broader public good and not just something that is a legacy component of government."

VanBogaert says it’s important to bump up fees now, to keep up with growing costs of providing service. The last increase in trash rate came in 1993.

Council members will consider the measure for the second time at their meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m.

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