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Loeb Stadium renovations, new addition approved

Mike Loizzo
WBAA Radio

The first phase of updating Loeb Stadium in Lafayette will begin soon.

The Park Board awarded contracts totaling $272,000 to Kettelhut Construction. Work includes building a new locker room off the right field side, where the grandstands were. Funding comes from the tax increment financing (TIF) district.

Senior Project Manager Alex Gonzalez says that project will be done over the winter.

“We’ll most likely tent the areas in that we’re constructing at a time, and then take the heat off it and once it cools slowly you’re good to go,” he says. “You can do some things in the winter without any protection – setting the trusses, putting the plywood and the wood on – just make sure no excess snow or sleet or ice builds up on it.”

The locker room will be about 1,000 square feet in size and should be finished by March.

Work also includes structural repairs and waterproofing, which Gonzalez says has a June 1 completion date.

“We’ll be out there this winter with some of the caulking and prepping the surfaces. We’ll wait until, probably May, in order to get some (warmer) temperatures, because the concrete has to be 50 degrees.”

Even with the later completion date for the repair work, Parks Superintendent Claudine Laufman says those who use the stadium should not be inconvenienced too much.

“There might be some restrictions, as far as seating,” she says, “but based on our past attendance for these past events, it should be just fine.”

The renovations at the 75 year old Loeb Stadium are the first major work done in 20 years.

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