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Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis

City of West Lafayette
photo provided

Some questions for the mayor on this month's program:

Since we spoke last month, it seems the mayors of the cities along the Amtrak corridor from Indy to Chicago have gotten noticeably more pessimistic about its future. Todd Barton told me two weeks ago on this program he thinks it’s dead in October. Is that now your thinking, too?

Your office is moving, at least temporarily, to Morton Center. Are you doing a site comparison between there and the mold-ridden city hall?

Of course, the city already holds meetings in Morton Center. What stops you from saying it’s too expensive to remediate the mold in city hall and moving the rest of city government there?

We had a tweet wondering what the status is of the development at the corner of Northwestern and State in Chauncey Village. Is it "cursed," as some people say?

We did a story this week wrapping up the Pianos For The Street project, and one question was left unanswered: do you see it as successful enough to bring back in future years for the longer period of time that was hinted at during the board of works meeting in which the project was approved?

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