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Marion Co. Prosecutor Opposes RFRA Because Of Legal Worries

courtesy Marion County Government

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry has added himself to the list of people who do not support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA.

Curry says he opposes the bill because it lacks modifications that would prevent someone from using it as defense in a criminal prosecution.

In a letter sent to Indiana media outlets he says that such cases have not been uncommon in other jurisdictions with similar legislation.

Curry says he doesn‘t want someone to burn down a Planned Parenthood building, for instance, and claim their actions were in the name religious freedom.

That‘s just an example and while that defense likely wouldn‘t stand, it would make for extra work for prosecutors looking to enforce criminal code.

The proposed bill states that the act would apply to all government entity statutes, ordinances, and administrative orders unless explicitly exempted.

At the end of his letter he called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act a solution in search of a problem, and urges lawmakers to decline its passage.