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Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: Between Free Speech And A Hard Place

Purdue University

The issue of free speech on a college campus has already been tested at Purdue in 2016.

From anti-abortion protestors using fiery rhetoric in an effort to rile up passersby to a University employee posting threats of rape on social media, the newly-adopted “Chicago principles” of free speech have been tested almost to their limits.

On this month’s conversation with Purdue President Mitch Daniels, we ask if the school put itself in a tough spot by advocating for expanded freedom of expression.

Also on this month’s show, the University Senate wants to raise the minimum wage for student employees – more than 90-percent of whom currently make the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

But President Daniels says he thinks that will just lead to fewer student jobs and could put a halt to tuition and fee freezes – which he’s also said can’t last forever, anyway.

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