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Monthly Conversation With Mitch Daniels: Trump's Budget's Effect On Purdue

Jae Lee

When Purdue University hosted its annual “Road School” conversations on infrastructure earlier this month, it enlisted President Mitch Daniels to proctor a conversation with one of his successors – current governor Eric Holcomb.

On this edition of WBAA’s Monthly Conversation with Mitch Daniels, we ask how often those sorts of talks happen between the current and former leaders of Indiana.

Also: President Daniels appeared on an Indianapolis talk show just before President Trump gave his first address to a joint session of Congress.

The topic was what advice the former governor – someone many Republicans would like to see in the White House instead of Donald Trump – would give.

So we ask again about the maxim with which Daniels started his current job – that he would stay out of partisan politics as Purdue's president.

He often gives public talks about issues with deep partisan divides and says a little of what he thinks – so why not say more?

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