Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton On Opening The City, Small Businesses, And Summer Plans

Apr 23, 2020

Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton.
Credit WBAA

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor: Montgomery County’s COVID-19 caseload has continued to rise. As Indiana inches towards a possible lifting of a stay-at-home order, is Crawfordsville ready to open up—and how will it do so safely? What are the expectations for residents and businesses alike?

This week in our talk with Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, we’ll discuss how rising unemployment numbers have impacted employees in Crawfordsville, and how the city is helping small businesses with a COVID-19 loan program.

Plus, we'll hear why the city re-opened its golf course after shutting it down over coronavirus concerns.  Also, the annual Strawberry Festival has been cancelled -- what might lie ahead for July 4th celebrations?